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Ron PrassRonald E. Prass, Jr

Ron Prass has extensive experience in all major aspects of patent law, including patent
preparation and prosecution, patentability opinions, and litigation. In addition, Ron has technical
expertise in electrical engineering and computer software and hardware.

Ron’s particular technical expertise covers a wide variety of highly-technical subject matter,
including software, computer networking, wireless communications, telephone networks, image
processing, computer security, semiconductors, printers and copiers, projectors, cameras, speech
recognition and automated dialog systems, handheld processing devices, xerography,
cryptography, control systems, database management software, caching, DVD technology,
cellular telephony, fiber optics, automobiles, medical devices, automobile navigation and
transmission systems, computer data storage devices, and Internet-related technologies.
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Ellis B. Ramirez

Ellis Ramirez has extensive experience in all aspects of patent law, including patent preparation
and prosecution; patentability, validity, infringement, and due diligence opinions; strategic patent
portfolio development and management; and patent litigation. He also has technical expertise in
the areas of electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer software, and mechanical

Ellis’s particular technical expertise covers a variety of highly competitive technologies,
including microprocessors; telecommunications; online commerce; image processing; simulation
and modeling; network communication; artificial intelligence; medical imaging; power
management; and interactive entertainment.
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Stuart SmithStuart I. Smith

Stuart Smith has extensive experience in many aspects of patent law, including utility and design patent preparation and prosecution, patentability and infringement opinions, due diligence reviews, and patent portfolio management. Prior to pursuing a career in patent law, Stuartpractice law in the field of construction litigation.

Stuart has experience in a wide variety of technical areas, including manufacturing equipment, photocopier systems, ink jet and laser printing systems, image processing systems, domestic appliances, medical devices, weapon systems, systems for processing materials using explosive forces, motorcycle parts, automotive systems including hybrid transmission systems, automotive tires, electric power systems, gas turbines, wild game attraction devices, business methods, magnetic transmission systems, and electric motors.
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Dan TannerDaniel A. Tanner, III

Dan Tanner has extensive experience in the full range of patent development, acquisition, defense and enforcement services. Dan has represented a large and diverse group of U.S. and international clients, from large multi-national corporations to individual inventors and entrepreneurs. Dan is available to provide all manner of strategic client portfolio counseling, including comprehensive legal opinions on patent validity, patent infringement, patentability, freedom to operate, and licensing. Dan's widely-varied technical areas of expertise with mechanical and electrical inventions include: gas turbine engines; hybrid vehicle and electric vehicles; image forming devices; aircraft preflight planning and flight crew coordination methods and support systems; voice and data acquisition systems; communications; personal security identification; document security; aerial system collision avoidance systems and enhancements for unmanned aerial vehicles; HVAC&R systems, particularly for large computer data centers; and medical devices including in the areas of RF electrosurgery, stents and intravenous drug delivery.

Dan's patent litigation experience includes drafting complex expert reports, detailed briefs in support of
Motions for Summary Judgment, and Markman briefs. Dan has led detailed document review efforts in
complex litigation matters, and has prepared numerous fact and expert witnesses for deposition
and trial testimony. Dan was the lead associate for representation of an international client including
successfully resolving binding arbitration matters before an arbitration panel of three retired judges.
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